I-SWAM started in Indonesia as an organization formed by physicians who share the same passion in aesthetic medicine. The first event was held in Ritz-Carlton Jakarta with 100 physicians in attendance.

I-SWAM grew exponentially, experiencing an increase in the number of participants by 50%. Our annual congress was held at Jakarta Convention Center (JCC).

I-SWAM moved to the country's largest convention center, Indonesian Convention Center (ICE), as our rapid and steady growth surpassed JCC's capacity. I-SWAM was now run by PGM, under the auspices of PERDAWERI. For the first time, we held an open-for-public beauty expo. I-SWAM was also attended by our first internationl participants.

I-SWAM partnered with I-CLASS Management, delving into the face anatomy. More than 30 international experts joined this year's I-SWAM.

50+ international speakers attended I-SWAM 2018. We partnered with American Institute of Aesthetic Medicine (AIAM) to conduct a Post-Congress as well.

We extended our wings to invite business person, beauty therapists, and nurses. I-SWAM partners with Aesthetic Dermatology Academy Conference.